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Welcome to Feel Good Inc! ^^

The best guild ever! We are a highly social guild who like to have fun, laugh, level, raid and do whatnot. Everyone is welcome in our guild, no matter which race, class or sex you are! We do like mature people, to keep a fun and non annoying environment. =)

To make sure everyone keeps feeling good, we have some guild rules:
- Please don't swear in every sentence.
- Please don't use caps, this is just too annoying!
- Please don't be offensive to other members.
- Please don't beg for money or boosts.

Feel Good Inc. not only provides her members with good times, we also have a guildbank for material matters. We have 6 tabs, and to quickly gather money to keep those tabs filled, we have made up a system to use the guildbank.
All the items in the bank (except for enchanting materials) show vendor prices when you move your mouse over them. We ask that you pay the vendor price to the guild for everything that you take out of the bank. This way we get a little money, and you get cheap materials and gear!
Furthermore, we ask that you see the items in the bank as a loan. You may take them out, but it would be highly appreciated if you replace them later on. If you don't possess the skills to gather the mats you took out, you may also donate other mats.
Also, you'd do yourself and others a big favour if you frequently donate to the guild. We don't expect you to toss us big money, but all little bits help! With this money, we can buy more and better mats for the guildbank, or even allow guildrepairs.

I hope I've informed you enough about our guild and its rules, if you have any questions please feel free to ask them. ^^

Now, about this website. We've created this forum to give our members a place where they can spam away with creativity and useless discussions, or exchange the best sites to get your favourite addons from. We do ask you to please mind your language and please stay on topic, or you risk having your posts removed, or you might even get banned from the forums.

The calendar will be used to keep everyone informed on when raids are happening, though subscribing to events still has to be done using the in-game calendar.

Have fun using this forum!
Aïsha <3

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